No offense to Sylvester Stallone (and I mean that  sincerely) but Rocky V  is a sequel that shouldn't have been made at all. After the main character’s struggles with poverty in Rocky and Rocky II, losing but taking back his title (by the skin of his teeth) in Rocky III and the very  exciting climax of Rocky IV, Rocky V’s storyline was a disappointment as Rocky moved from rags to riches to rags all over again, as well as training a student who turned out to be an arrogant ingrate. However, Stallone redeemed himself with the sixth entry of the Rocky franchise- Rocky Balboa- released in 2006; an emotional yet dramatic sequel.
Now Rocky fans will be treated to another entry; both a sequel and a spin-off titled Creed, which is to be released on November 25th
 Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), son of the late Apollo Creed, decides to follow his father’s footsteps of being a boxer but of course needs a trainer. And who else is more suitable for the job than his father’s best friend, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone)? 

As an avid Rocky fan, I’m excited and thrilled to hear about this spin off. From the trailer, it appears very promising and I can’t wait to see the movie itself. Let’s see if Adonis Creed will  emulate his father, Rocky… or both.  SEE TRAILER BELOW: 


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