Yeah, so far.
First- there's been grumblings about Thomas Gibson (Hotch) given the boot from the series after 11 seasons but people should remember that Gibson did wrong and was-if harshly- punished for it. But apparently, people are still feeling sore about it, to the extent that some viewers stated on social media they will stop watching the show now that Gibson is gone.
Second- the abrupt way Hotch was written out of the show, which I have to agree was not cool at all. Okay, he did wrong, but come on... Hotch has been a fixture since Season 1, surely he deserved an on-screen departure, with him exchanging hugs and handshakes with the team. 

But his final scene in his final episode in Episode 2- "Sick Day"; firmly ordering a traumatised J.J (A.J Cook) to take a week off. Take a quick look at the departure of the previous characters:

Elle Greenway (Lola Glaudini) left at Season 2, her final episode was Episode 6- “The Bogey Man”. After what happened to her at Season 1’s finale, she simply wasn’t herself anymore and after refusing to take a psychological evaluation test, resigned from the BAU; placing her badge and gun on Hotch’s table.

Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) left in the beginning of Season 3, in “Doubt”- Episode 1. Traumatised after the murder of his girlfriend at the hands of Frank Breitkopf in Season 2’s finale, he was seen driving off in his car, after leaving a letter to Reid in his cabin. But his actual final appearance was in Season 10, Episode 13- Nelson’s Sparrow, where he was shot dead by the unsub; devastating the team, especially Rossi and Reid.

Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) left at Season 9’s two part finale; “Angels” and “Demons”. After Reid’s almost fatal shooting and a little boy being used as leverage against his mother- she quietly sent her resignation to Hotch and Reid sadly watched her leave after finding her badge in his bag.

Kate Callahan (Jennifer Love Hewitt) left at Season 10’s finale- “The Hunt”. After the rescue of her niece from the unsub and being heavily pregnant at the time (Hewitt really was pregnant), Kate decided to spend more time with her family and handed her resignation to Hotch in person.

Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), who had been on the show since Season 1, left at Season 11- his final episode was episode 18, “A Beautiful Disaster”. After the unsub’s arrest and the miraculous delivery of his son- Derek decided to leave the BAU to be there for his Savannah and little Hank. His departure was the most heartrending; saying goodbye to everyone and leaving the building after one more look at his colleagues at work in the conference room.

Hence, Gibson’s was sort of an all time low- in the next episode- “Taboo”; we are told he is on a “special assignment”. Just that, after 11 seasons!

Thirdly, there have been comments-both positive and negative- about the BAU’s newest member of the team- Luke Alvarez (Adam Rodriguez) circulating social media.
Criminal Minds has its die-hard fans, like most shows. But must people be so mean? Adam has been in 3 episodes so far and yet some viewers have taken an instant dislike to him; some people even saying he is a Derek Morgan wannabe. Derek and Luke are two different characters; Adam is not trying to emulate Shemar. And please remember this actor played Eric Delko in CSI: Miami, hence should be given a chance before being so judgemental and critical about him.
Fourthly, Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) is back- to much rejoicing but we are yet to know just how long she’ll be with the BAU this season.

And finally, Garcia’s behaviour towards Luke- I hate it. Since Season 1, I have had mixed feelings about the quirky and talkative analyst- ranging from amused to irritated. And right now, it’s irritation. Garcia hates change, we all know that. But if she can become friends with Rossi, Prentiss, Seaver, Blake and Callahan; why should she display such childish behaviour towards Luke? Luckily, Luke, who seems to indicate he has a few hidden demons, is more amused than offended by her. Yet I hope Garcia’s not exactly endearing behaviour towards him is not dragged on.

eason 12 shows promise, with the addition of Adam Rodriguez. But news is 
there’s going to be yet another addition to the cast- Damon Gupton, who is set to play Agent Stephen Walker; and will appear in the season’s eighth episode.

Let’s see how quirky Garcia will behave with him


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