Gone But NEVER forgotten... Michael Jackson

On this day, the world was thrown in deep mourning and outpouring of grief, hours after the equally sad death of Charlie’s Angels alumni, Farrah Fawcett.  Even after 8 years, the void left by the sad passing of Michael Jackson- the iconic King of Pop-painfully remains.

His career, spanning several decades, began as a child when he and his brothers (The Jackson 5, later on The Jacksons) thrilled audiences with their songs and well choreographed dance moves before embarking on a successful solo career, inspiring future artistes. He and Lionel Ritchie co-wrote and performed with other artistes (which included his siblings) in the USA For Africa message song, ‘We Are World’ and among his several achievements, was the first artist to generate seven USA Top 10 hits on his 1982 album, Thriller; which is the biggest selling album of all time, selling over 51 million copies.
M.J is remembered not only for his music but his humanitarian work; passing across the message of love and world peace in several of his songs and frequently giving to charity, which included arranging airlifts of food and medical supplies to war torn Sarajevo. Sadly, he was no stranger to scandal; being accused of child molestation, of which he was completely acquitted of.
His film and T.V appearances include the Sesame Street Christmas Special, The
Wiz (adaptation of the Wizard of Oz) which he co-starred with Diana Ross in 1978, Moonwalker (1988) , Captain EO (1986), a special guest appearance in S03E01 of The Simpsons (‘Stark Raving Dad’) in 1991 and the documentary This Is It (2009).

                   M.J, you were loved... and always, always  remembered!

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