What Raj and Sheldon Need: ‘The Collaboration Contamination’ Recap

Reel Sum Up: Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) are more than a little miffed when Howard (Simon Helberg) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) collaborate on a science project. Meanwhile, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) stumbles on a unique way in dealing with Sheldon, to Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) amazement.

There’s a lot to be said about the recent The Big Bang Theory episode- The Collaboration Contamination. The viewers watched Amy and Howard share some bonding time when Howard uses his engineering skills in solving a tech problem Amy has with one of her projects; with Sheldon  again dissing Howard over his ‘lack of’ qualifications. Another jab at Howard being the only scientist in the group not to have a PhD but I feel it’s becoming really old. Either the writers work on a storyline where Howard finally decide to get his doctorate or make Sheldon stop this particular insulting behaviour.

Anyway, Howard and Amy make progress in their work but Sheldon and Raj are annoyed ; Sheldon is deprived of his fiancée, while Raj is jealous his best friend has no time for him. Luckily, Bernadette isn’t as disturbed or possessive over her husband. However, when she manipulates Sheldon in doing Howard’s chores (that he hates doing), we see that Howard is still not being a more helpful husband  like he constantly promises to be and reminded just how unapologetically manipulative Bernie can be. Howard and Amy make a good team, no snipping or jabs from both parties- they deserve more scenes together.
But there was a noticeable continuity error. In the third episode of Season 7- The Scavenger Vortex- Howard and Amy bonded over their love for Neil Diamond’s songs but in this episode they danced to ‘Calendar Girl’ by Neil Sedaka. What’s up with that?

Meanwhile,  Penny reads a book on Parenting Bernie left behind and she uses some of its tips to lessen Sheldon’s whining and selfish demands. Leonard is pleased until she uses the same tips on him, to his chagrin. Sheldon finds out  from him what Penny’s been doing, offended he was being treated like a child. Very funny, but trust narcissistic Sheldon not to realise everybody sees him as a petulant man-child! Sheldon needs more self-awareness, even if the writers have no intention of completely changing who he is. It was more obvious than ever in this episode.

Writers, please give Raj a new girlfriend! He was so annoying last season when he constantly hovered around Howard and Bernadette while they were expecting Baby Halley, more so when he revealed the baby was a girl before she was born. This episode his behaviour was cringe worthy- possessive, jealous and a complete nuisance. This is not endearing at all so please give him a girlfriend already and get him out of everyone’s hair.

As for Leonard and Penny, it seems they are less and less affectionate in each episode, compared to how they were in previous seasons. The jabs and constant fighting between them  isn’t sending a good message anyway. Are couples more loving before they get married? Leonard and Penny are a fan favourite; hence this couple need to get back their old closeness- especially if it might be their turn to be parents on the show.
 A good episode but Raj was really annoying.


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