Hitting Nigerian Cinemas on the 9th, 'The Chronicles'

Veteran songstress  Onyeka Onwenu leads the cast in the upcoming historical film - The Chronicles - set to hit Nigerian cinemas on the 9th of November. Other cast members include Segun Arinze, Victor Osuagwu, Collins Talker, Okey Jude,  Giovanni Grossman and Avinanash Bhavanni.

Produced by Frank Ufomadu (his previous work being 'The Storm') and directed by Caliph Ibn. Uzar,  Onyeka Owenu plays a grandmother who narrates the history of her people- the Mbaise people of Imo State- to her bullied grandchildren, who face negativity because of their tribe.

 The story is set in three eras; colonial, postcolonial and the height of the 1970s- reenacting the interactions between the Mbaise people and the British during their arrival in Calabar via Opobo. Being a Mbaise indigene himself, Frank Ufomadu is said to have done a thorough research in the making of The Chronicles, pulling all the stops, something more Naija producers and directors can try doing, the film aiming clear every negative view and stigma about the Mbaise.


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