'Bob Hearts Abishola' Recap: Wedding Naija Style!


Despite the mixed reception, Bob Hearts Abishola broke new ground being the first to focus on a Nigerian family and  Yoruba culture. Starring Billy Gardell and Folake Olowofoyeku, the series made its debut in 2019 and is now in its third season.
S3 began with the now engaged couple arriving in Lagos with Uncle Tunde (Barry Shabaka Henley) and Aunty Olu (Shola Adewusi) to do battle with Abishola's manipulative ex husband, Tayo (Dayo Ade), who went against the  agreement concerning their  American-born son Dele (Travis Wolfe Jr). In spite of his best intentions, Tayo is an asshole. 
At least Abishola decided to do what was best by letting Dele follow his heart, but that meant she and Bob had to get married in Naija for Dele to be at the wedding, hence Bob's mum and his siblings flying in.

Monday's episode (S3E2) was a joy to watch, as for the first time ever on the foreign screen, a  Yoruba wedding was showcased, with full fanfare. (Thank God Tayo wasn't there to spoil things!)
Before the actual wedding ceremony, non Nigerian viewers were treated to the motions...
The Introduction ceremony where the groom's family meet the bride's family, stating their intention and formally ask for the bride's hand in marriage. The groom is expected to pay a brideprice on the bride's head, after which, the  wedding day itself. The introduction was a tad cringey with Dottie being helped up from her chair by Douglas and Christina before her speech on Bob's behalf, in a real life scenario she wouldn't be expected to get up in her condition. Plus, Mama Abishola-Ebunoluwa- (Sadiah Arrika Ekulona) was rather odd the way she took credit in Bob and her daughter's engagement and her unfounded hostility towards Aunty Olu, which extended to the selection of the aso ebi. Luckily, Aunty Ola decided to be the bigger person. 
As for Daddy Abishola, who gave Bob the list of things to buy for the bride's family according to tradition, we never hear a word from him, just approving nods. 
Bob and Nicholas spent a hilarious trip in the market with Uncle Tunde (I imagine Balogun market), who schooled Bob in the significance of the  items, tradition again firmly  showcased.

The wedding itself was as glamorous as many Naija weddings are (not just Yoruba), starting with the customary prostration to the bride's family by Bob and Douglas (a pity Godwin and Kofo weren't there as they would have joined them) followed by the reveal of the bride. 



In a well choreographed dance, Folake and her bridesmaids moved to the beat of Tiwa Savage's 'All Over';   Bob's remark: 'This is SO much better than my first wedding' and Abishola's matching reply was just so sweet.


During their interview on The Talk, Billy Gardell commented: 'One of the things I love about our  show is, the journey has always been about love and what happens when love enters the room. It gets bigger than everything else'.

Love and culture definitely went hand in hand in this historic and well directed episode.

Naija For Show!!! 


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