"The Sound Of Music" Actress, Charmian Carr Passes On

Charmian Carr, best known for playing the role of the eldest Von Trapp Child,  Liesl in the 1965 musical movie, The Sound of Music has passed away, following a battle with dementia, according to a notice on her official website. Carr was 73.

Born Charmian Farnon, Charmian was actually 21 when she starred in the  movie and became known for singing one its most famous songs, 'I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen,' with an epic dance scene with co-star, Daniel Truhitte (Rolfe) and its  reprise with Julie Andrews. In 1966, she starred with Anthony Perkins (Psycho, Green Mansions) in a  T.V musical, Evening Primrose, before leaving the showbiz world.

Charmian ran a successful Interior Design Business, celebrities including Michael Jackson-who was a fan of "The Sound of Music" becoming her  clients.  She was also the author of two books, "Forever Liesl" and "Letters To Liesl".

In celebration of The Sound of Music's 45th anniversary on October 2010, Carr  reunited with her co-stars in a special edition of The Oprah Winfrey show and in 2014, recorded the song "Edelweiss" (made famous by Christopher Plummer in the movie), with the great-grandchildren of Maria Von Trapp.

She is survived by daughters Jennifer and Emily and four grandchildren.

Trivia: Charmian went through the memorable dance sequence in agony. Thanks to the costume crew's forgetting to put non-slip pads on her shoes, she crashed into one of the gazebo's windows, hurting herself.


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