Uh huh... Charles Lee Ray-beg ya pardon-Chucky- is set to return in the 7th entry of the Child's Play franchise, Cult of Chucky;  his last appearance being 2013's Curse of Chucky; where  Don Mancini returned his infamous character back to his dark roots after the not-so- great Seed of Chucky(2004).
The added bonus of the long awaited 6th entry-aside from a big reveal from Charles' past before he transferred his soul into a Good Guy doll and became 'Chucky'-was the surprising return of Alex Vincent; the former child actor who played Andy-Chucky's owner/most sort after victim in Child's Play and Child's Play 2reprising his role after 13 years as Andy was played as an adult by Justin Whalin in Child's Play 3.

Say what??? says those yet to see it. Where has Andy been all this time??? 

Well it was gathered from  a framed diploma in his apartment that Andy managed to graduate from the military school he was in  Child's Play 3 and had been following news reports on his nemesis the whole time and getting ready for him should Chucky managed to track him down. And Andy was talking to his Mum over the phone; meaning she was at long last released from the mental institution she was placed in after wrongly certified as insane(due to the events of Child's Play). And Chucky, meaning to give Andy a terrible shock, got one instead...

REEL SUM UP: Four years after the events of Curse of Chucky, Nica is given a Good Guy doll as part of her psychological treatment by her psychiatrist. But after a fresh string of murders begin, Andy Barclay comes to Nica's aid. However, he not only has Chucky to contend with, but Chucky's vicious girlfriend, Tiffany as well.

Cult of Chucky is written and directed by Don Mancini (huge relief to fans); Brad Dourif, Alex Vincent, Fiona Dourif and Jennifer Tilly reprising their roles as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, Andy Barclay, Nica Pierce and  Tiffany respectively.


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