Criminal Minds' 21st  episode, 'Green Light' finally revealed who was the mastermind behind Reid being framed for murder and it turned out it was not Peter Lewis a.k.a Mr Scratch (Bodhi Elfman). The previous episode-'Unforgettable'- had viewers baffled by the sight of a familiar and unexpected face from the past... who was not even an unsub but a past victim.

In Episode 12 of Season 3- '3rd Life'- Lindsay Vaughn (Gia Mantegna, daughter of Joe Mantegna)  was abducted along with her friend Kate (who was later killed) and her father- a former hitman in the Witness Protection Programme- shot her abductor, in front of Reid. Now it appears that while her father Jack has been living the life of a model citizen, his daughter  chose to follow his former dark path and has been living the life of a career contract killer and working for drug cartels.

In 'Unforgettable', she resurfaced as Diana Reid's new caregiver but under an alias, Carol Atkinson. However Reid was able to recognised her but by the time he managed to alert the BAU, Diana went missing. Not only that, Reid realised she was the one in the room the fateful day he got framed in Mexico, and not Mr Scratch everyone all thought for several episodes.

So, what reason did Lindsay have to want to harm Reid? None, she was working for someone. Who???

Answer: Cat Adams (played by Audrey Plaza)


Answer again, Cat Adams, "The Black Widow Killer" who appeared in last season's memorable 11th episode  'Entropy'; a member of an online network of hitmen who were after Penelope. In 'Entropy', Reid was forced to play a nail biting cat and mouse game with that cold young woman and managed to trap her, but not before he had to answer her questions about his mother and her mental condition. Considering Reid used all his skills at his disposal to trap her in the first place, it's not wonder she has a huge grudge against him especially. In the Season's final episode 'Red Light', we'll see if Reid will be able to stay one step ahead of her in order to get his beloved mother back.

At least, Reid is finally out of jail, thanks to the BAU's hard work and Calvin Shaw (Harold Perrineau), the fallen- from- grace FBI agent and Reid's former ally paid the price for not heeding Luke's warning, so that's the last we will hear about him. But it seems Reid will not be the same after this, not from what he went through in prison and what he had to do to survive, the guy even had to stab himself in the thigh so he would be in solitary. Walker (Damon Gupton)  was right to be worried about Reid's state of mind yet team leader Prentiss (Paget Brewster)- who really showed true leadership in this episode- was certain things will turn out successfully and they will get Diana back.

Let's hope Prentiss is right, because in 'Red Light', Reid and Cat will once again have to engage in a battle of wits- to the death. 


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