'Modern Family' To Begin Final Bow September 25th

Modern Family is set to begin its final season on the 25th, yet we are not just ready to say goodbye to this remarkable family. Personally, I won't miss manipulative/bitchy Cameron (Eric Stonestreet)  at all (ugh!) and I'll never forgive Adam DeVine (Andy) for leaving the series- as it paved the way back for Dylan (Reid Ewing), whose re-pairing with Haley (Sarah Hyland) ruined the personal growth she developed when she hooked up with Andy. Well, let's see how she deals with being a mother and a wife in this final season; also if sensitive Manny (Rico Rodriguez) has gotten over his heartbreak and what brainiac Alex's  (Ariel Winter) next phase is, now that she's finally graduated from Cal Tech.

To cheer ourselves up, I think we should watch Season 1 to 10 of  Modern Family all over again... 


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