Bimbo Manuel's 'Philomena' Makes Stage Debut in February 2022

Veteran Nigerian actor (Checkmate, Hostages, Ayinla), broadcaster and playwright Bimbo Manuel recently announced on Instagram the upcoming stage debut of his play, 'Philomena', also titled , 'Phiolmena: Interview with a Prostitute'. 

Set entirely in the titular character's beer parlour, 'Philomena'  is the story of three characters, a recently sacked journaliast, an alcoholic teacher and Philomena herself who takes on prostitutuon as a sideline. The play in bleak yet powerful in tone as the three characters have  a main thing in common, sheer bitterness towards society who have been anything but kind to them. In thr play, as the three interact, the journalist hits on the idea of interviewing a reluctant Philomena, with the hope of making her life story public will be his redemption. 

The play's cast include Monalisa Chinda, Francis Duru,  Charles Inojie, Ejike Aseigbu, Tammy Abisu and Don Lester. It is produced by Bikiya Graham-Douglas and directed (and written by Bimbo Manuel).

The venue of its debut is the Presidential Hotel, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, from the 11th to 14th  of February, 2022. 

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