Sun Re O... Uncle Jimi Solanke

Reel Illustrated is very sad at the news of veteran actor, dramatist, folk singer, storyteller  and poet; Jimi Solanke, who passed away yesterday at the Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ogun State. He was 81.

Fondly referred as  'Uncle Jimi', tne late thespian had a decades long career on stage, television and film. He was especially popular as the minstrel in the NTA kids' programme Storyland; where he told stories to children, accompanied by songs and playing the guitar. He also featured in the Children's Half Hour and African Stories, long regarded as the "master story teller". In 1997, he served as the narrator in the epic, Sango; where he also had a cameo as the ghost of  Sango's father, Ọ̀rànmíyàn. 

Uncle Jimi obtained a diploma in Drama at the University of Ibadan, joining  the Department of Dramatic Arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU) in 1969.


Uncle Jimi... Sun Re O 🌹

Uncle Jimi at the EMU Fest 2023

The Story of the Story Teller


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