Nicolette Sheridan to fill Jackie Collins' shoes in 'Dynasty'

Enter Alexis! Well... Y2k  style. 

Blake Carrington’s scheming ex wife and mother of his first four children- Alexis Colby- made her first appearance in the first episode of Season 2 of the  prime time soap opera, Dynasty... the original series that is. Regarded as one of the greatest T.V villains of all time, the character was memorably portrayed by Joan Collins. Who can forget her numerous schemes, plus the infamous cat fight with her rival Krystle (Linda Evans)? 
 With the Dynasty reboot now on the screens since its debut on the 17th of October, the cast certainly won’t be complete without Alexis. 

And she's soon going to make her appearance as The CW recently announced she will be played by Nicolette Sheridan, known for her role as Edie Britt in Desperate Housewives and Lucky Santangelo in Lucky Chances- a T.V miniseries adaptation of Jackie Collins' (late sister of Joan) novels, Chances and Lucky. Two very tough women... hence Sheridan is definitely the right choice to fill Joan Collin’s shoes.
And like she did back in 1981, Alexis will unexpectedly come into the Carrington family's lives, seeking to reconnect with her kids-Fallon and Steve- and of course
begin to cause trouble for the current Mrs. Carrington, Cristal (Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift’s Nathalie Kelly) and Blake, this time played by Devious Maids alumnus Grant Snow. 
WHO by the way- while a handsome couple- do not hold a candle to the first  Mr and Mrs Carrington in the original 1980's series, Blake played by
the (sadly) late John Forsythe (who was the unseen boss Charles Townsend in Charlie's Angels prior to Dynasty) and the beautiful Linda Evans who played his 24 years younger wife/love of his life, Krystle. 

The very best of luck to Ms Sheridan in her marvellous new role but let's face it, will this reboot actually last a lot longer than the ‘new’ Dallas did? 


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