SíDÍ ÌLÚJINLÈ̩ Coming in December 2017

Nollywood is reaching for greater heights as book adaptations is back being the 'it' thing in the industry. While there have been  noteworthy movies over the years and directed by acclaimed directors, let's face it people... there has also been the duds- predictable and ridiculous plots with even more ridiculous plot twists and conclusions. Why not think outside the box, instead of following the usual formula?

Which is what ace Nigerian filmmaker, Tunde Kelani, has done over the years and now he's added yet another feather in that creative cap of his. Recently he announced that  his new movie - SíDÍ ÌLÚJINLÈ̩- is will be released next month, December 2017, by Mainframe Productions.
Adapted from Nobel Laurete Wole Soyinka's classic play, 'The Lion and the Jewel', the Yoruba comedy is about the battle between a scheming Baale (the Lion) and a pompous school teacher for the affections of the disdainful  village beauty (the Jewel). The play was first performed in 1959 and published by Oxford University Press in 1962.

In an interview, Kelani stated  the movie would be shot in Ibadan (but of course) and he was inspired to embark on the project by Professor Soyinka himself who suggested he took a look at one of his plays to adapt. And according to him, will be a comfluence of beautiful poetry and prose.

SíDÍ ÌLÚJINLÈ̩ stars Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello) as Baale Baroka, Ibrahim Chatta as Lakunle the school teacher and Aishat Onitiri as Sidi.

Congratulations and kudos  to our ace filmmaker!



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