'THE BIG BANG THEORY's Galecki Says Show May Wrap Up In Season 12

Credit: CBS

Fans of the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory should brace themselves as it may likely take its last bow in Season 12.  Well, at least according to Johnny Galecki, who has played the geeky Leonard Hofstadter since Season 1. Other cast members include Jim Parsons, who plays the insufferable, narcisstic Sheldon Cooper, Kaley Cuoco playing Leonard’s wife Penny and Mayim Bialik, who joined the cast at the end of Season 3 as Sheldon’s girlfriend and now fiancée Amy.

“The only manner in which the cast has discussed wrapping The Big Bang Theory has been that we’re all going to be very sad when that day comes,”
Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images
“But I think at this point everyone’s very comfortable with 12 seasons being a good time to go home and see our families,’’ says Galecki.

But cheer up TBBT fans... even with this upsetting news, there’s still the show’s spinoff Young Sheldon, which has been renewed for a second season. That is, those who think the 9 year old version of Sheldon (played by Iain Armitage) isn’t more insufferable than the adult one we’ve been forced to put up with for 11 seasons! 

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