The Big Bang Theory: 'The Imitation Perturbation' Recap


I recall mentioning in one of my past TTBT posts about how Sheldon (Jim Parsons) needed a bit more self-awareness. This episode really proved my point on that and I have to say it is the best of the show's final season, so far that is. 

It's Halloween again and three things were in focus in this episode. Sheldon found  out just how his friends viewed him after  Howard (Simon Helberg)  chose to actually dress like him for the occasion; much to everyone's delight (and mine), along with his mannerisms, which an indignant Sheldon found annoying. Wow... Sheldon, not much fun looking at a mirror of yourself at last- especially since you're so fond of putting people down and thinking you're better than everyone else. And he was so self-absorbed (as always) that he didn't even realise that Howard was dressed as him until it was pointed out to him!  At least the look on his face was priceless... lol. 

Predictably, Sheldon is offended but like Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) pointed out to Amy (Mayim Bialik), Sheldon had a long history of attacking Howard, so he shouldn't dish it out if he can't take it. But Amy, blindly loyal to the weirdo she married, insisted Howard  apologise. 

Second focus, Bernadette herself; who too needs a bit of self-awareness. She was right about Sheldon
but  ended up being exposed as a hypocrite when she got offended after Amy and Howard dresses up as her and Howard, Amy mimicking her squeaky voice and describing herself as 'unnecessarily hurtful.' Forget the voice, for several seasons Bernie has come off as a bullying bitch now and then; so finally someone calls that out and she deserved it, along with Amy pointing out that she has no right to make her and Sheldon do something she refused to do. 

Third focus,  Leonard and Penny. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) chose to dress like Inspector Gadget and recalled his first kiss with Penny (Kaley Cuoco), which took place in the show's first Halloween episode back in Season 1- The Middle Earth Paradigm. But Mrs Hofstadter kept insisting it took place on his birthday in S1E16, The Peanut Reaction. Hmmm... insensitive much, Penny? 

Viewers will remember that Penny was drunk that night but surely not that drunk not to remember her first smooch with her future husband! And while Leonard is hurt, he's not a whining baby about it. 

But it turned out Penny was not insensitive at all. She was just chagrined that she was drunk when she first kissed Leonard, feeling the next kiss they exchanged- on his birthday- served as a less shameful memory. Finally, we see a more sentimental Penny after so long and more affection between the couple. Yay!!! 

Side note, best Halloween costume went to Howard and Bernadette who went to Leonard and Penny's party as Bert and Mary Poppins. For years people have criticised Dick Van Dyke's cockney accent in the movie. Simon Helberg's imitation of the character's accent was much worse. 


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