Rocky fans will be psyched to hear about who will be appearing in Creed 2, the sequel of the Rocky movies' spinoff, Creed (2015). Sylvester Stallone, who wrote, directed and starred in the  the Rocky franchise (which plummented him to stardom) has confirmed that Dolph Lungren will be reprising his role of Ivan Drago- the ruthless Russian  boxer who punched Rocky's friend and former rival, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) to death  in Rocky IV (1985).

Apollo's death is regarded as one of the most heartbreaking scenes in film history. Just imagine, a popular boxer gets killed in the ring and the culprit could'nt care less? Early this month, Sly posted this on Instagram:

  • Here's a chance to stretch your imagination ... HISTORY WILL ALWAYS REPEAT ITSELF IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER, JUST GOT TO BE READY! ... Sins of the Father.... #creed2 # agentnickyc #rockybalboa

Just recently was this message:

JUST DONE .... if you are curious , around 439 handwritten pages translates into about a 120 page typed screenplay ...#writers cramp #rockybalboa #drago #adoniscreed #MGM

In Creed, (not penned or directed by Sly) Michael B. Jordan played Adonis 'Donnie', Apollo's illegimate son who was adopted and raised by Apollo's compassionate widow (Phylicia Rashad). And while he never got to meet Apollo, Donnie had inherited his thirst for boxing and who should he go to for training but the retired Rocky Balboa (Stallone). In the sequel, Drago will not only reappear but it seems like he and young Creed will face each other in the ring. Rocky settled accounts with him in Rocky IV, so if  a Creed/Draco faceoff is actually going to happen, WHO is going to be the challenger here? Adonis, to pay the man out for killing his father or will be Ivan, who feels he can handle Apollo's son as well?
Might be the second guess, because 59 year old Dolph Lungren had this to say (jokingly of course!) after seeing Creed when it came out:

I must break you. Sorry kid, you’re very weak for a young kid. Now it’s your turn.”

Filming of the much anticipated sequel begins next year.


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