Since his 2011 movie, Family On Fire; ace filmmaker, Tade Ogidan has been MIA in the movie scene. Now he’s raring to begin work on his new movie, Gold Statue, a story set in a prison.

In a recent interview with The Nation; Ogidan revealed he’s  not been idle while on hiatus- keeping himself busy by making T.V commercials and documentaries. Unlike most Nollywood filmmakers, he found producing several movies in a year “impractical”.

The kind of stories that I have, they need to calm you down, they need you to research,  they need you to do the right thing and those are the things that make whatever movies I make work.’

True and wide words from a prolific filmmaker.

Ogidan’s movie credits include Owo Blow , Out of Bounds , Hostages 1&2, Diamond Ring 1&2 (1998), Saving Alero, Raging Storm and Playing Games


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