'Child's Play' Reboot Coming June

Those who were lucky enough to watch and sit through  Cult of Chucky... did you see this coming? Because I didn't.

Apparently, we are not going to get a really satisfying end of Chucky's reign of terror after the head-scratching end of 2017's instalment of the franchise, even though it was really great to see an adult
Alex Vincent reprising his role of Andy after so long as well as another unexpected but familiar face (find out who after the end credits). 

Instead... on the 21st of June, the reboot of Child's Play- yes, back to its original title, will hit American cinemas, produced by Orion Pictures and directed by Lars Klevberg. 

This time Gabriel Bateman who had a role in the horror movie Lights Out will assume the role of Andy Barclay, who receives a Buddi Doll (no longer called a Good Guy Doll) from his mother (Parks and Recreations' Aubrey Plaza), not realising until later that it is evil. But fans will not be pleased to hear that Brad Dourif who played the serial killer Charles Lee Ray and was the voice of Chucky since 1988, will NOT reprise his infamous role this time. But instead, he will reprise it in the planned T.V series. Let's see how that will work... and last. The new 'Buddi' doll will be voiced by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill; who is well known for voicing The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, hence a very good choice.

In the meantime, mark your calendars! 


Trailer of Original: 


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