CRIMINAL MINDS Recap: JJ's confession

Having expected to be treated to Rossi and Krystall's wedding at the end of last week's episode- Truth or Dare- (special appearance by maestro Johnny Mathis who was Rossi's best man and the return of Amber Stevens West as Rossi's daughter, Joy), we got a totally unexpected moment that we are still trying to get over and decide on.

We all know geeky Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler)   and Jennifer Jarreau  (A.J Cook)  have been the best of friends since Season 1, although we also remember that Reid had a bit of a crush for his lovely colleague, to the extent Jason Gideon encouraged him to ask her out to a football game. But nothing else came out of that, because in Season 2, J.J fell in love with the lead detective of a case in New Orleans- Will LaMontagne Jr. and married him at the end of Season 7 after raising a son together, with Reid named the child's godfather. We've seen them go through their demons,  quarrel and makeup and having each other's back as they solved their cases. 

Now this bombshell... 

In last week's episode, at gunpoint, the crazy unsub played 'truth or dare' with J.J, demanding that she told him her deepest darkest or someone will be shot. Her confession... she has always loved Reid but fear had kept her silent all these years. Reid- in a Hotch-like move- shot the bastard but the look on his face afterwards spoke volumes. At Rossi's wedding, he attempted to ask her if what she said was true but alas, was interrupted. 

So... what should we make of this? J.J loves Will and their sons, we all know that. But what does this confession mean? Should we interpret that she loved Reid but the FBI's disapproval of office fraternization and fear (like she said) kept her silent and then went on to fall in love with Will, because he was...safer? Is she in love with both men but loves Will more? Because if it's mere loving Reid as a friend or brother, J.J should have been able to look him in the eye when trying to laugh it off at the wedding. 

With this crime drama making its final bow,  how dare the writers do this. A love triangle now? NOW? Reid is a fan favourite but do the powers that be really expect us to approve of J.J ending her happy marriage and splitting up her family, to be with Reid? 

And Reid... what should we expect from him? Since the release from his wrongful stint in prison, he's been rather more assertive and less hesitant in manner. Will he let things go or see J.J in a totally different light again, even though she's married? Fans have wanted him to have another love interest since the tragic death of Maeve Donovan in Season 8, but surely not at the expense of someone else. 

If Criminal Minds must end at last, it should not be like this. 


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