Using the Octramarket platform is EASY! 

The 6 simple steps are: 

1. Visit . Use any browser on any phone. Be sure your phone browser is updated.

2. Download the app on Google Playstore or Apple . So that you can always click on the go!

3. Sign up as a first-timer . You only need to do this once. If you've already signed up, you only need to provide your log-in details to sign in next time.

4. Type any product you want . This takes you to complete a 'Product Request form.' We've got our network in all markets in Lagos to get you the EXACT PRODUCT you want. At the BEST PRICE!

5. Provide details of the EXACT product you want. Our digital technology and specially built search engine sees and directs your request to relevant vendors in all Lagos markets to process your request. This enables us to properly search for the product for you.

6. Then you receive a notification about the product availability . We notify you via text, email and/call. You will receive full information about the product's variants, prices, quality and locations in various markets. Isn't that fantastic?


Once you pay for the product, we get it delivered to you . We won't require you to pay until you are satisfied with what you see. Payment guarantees you are ready to buy what you see. Delivery is however voluntary.

Your payment is secure! You get an e-RECEIPT immediately you pay. Your request is then processed. If it's not what you requested for in shape, form, quality or quantity WE RETURN YOUR MONEY.

You DON'T pay for making a request. You only pay when you are satisfied with what you see.

 Delivery is OPTIONAL . We have our network in all markets in Lagos to get the best price for you. You can even pick it up yourself. 

 Before you buy elsewhere, check first . This is because we've got the best PRICES for the right quality of that EXACT product you want!

 We sell ALL products you may think of . If the product is in Lagos; it's on Octramarket at the BEST PRICE!

Octramarket is about convenience shopping . You'll find out our prices are good; and you can always shop from home. We bring all Lagos markets to your doorstep!

Octramarket: Discount, Quality and


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