'Osamede' Scheduled To Be Performed on the 27th-29th December


Written by Paul Ugbede and Tosin Otudeko, the period play is scheduled to be performed at the Muson Centre, Agip Hall from the 27th to 29th December. 

In 'Osamede: For Kingdom and Country', the protagonist Osamede,  is an orphan who sets herself apart from other membera of her community via  her thirst for knowledge, instead of marriage. However, she  does not turn a blind eye to  the plight of her clan who are subjected to the harsh conditions of the  mine they work in, which has been causing several  deaths and tne king, despite pleas, is yet to rectify the problem.  Osamade takes a bold step to save her clan but the forces of envy and greed halt her mission, resulting in a power tussle and sacrifice for love and country.

Produced by Lilian Olubi and directed by Ayo Ajayi, tickets can be purchased here


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