Halloween 2023: Old School Television Options


Halloween 2023 is here.  Wooooh....!!!

If you wish to opt out of film options this halloween, there are several old school television options in keeping with the spooky dark mode of this event. I am not knocking the current stuff that's out there but they tend to be more of the slasher ala Scream variety, know what I mean?

 Actual horror should be scarily riveting and bordering on more chiller than killer, more supernatural in element than psychological. Hence we have the following classic  options... (personal recommendation) 

The X Files 

Yeah, I know it's more sci fi and about the uncovering of the government's conspiracy regarding aliens and alien abduction. BUT, every season has  "Monster of the Week" episodes that have no ties to the show's official continuity. In those episodes, Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) always  face a monstrous or mutant villian that is never seen again after such episode. One in particular is "Humbug", where the two agents investigate a murder in a circus. Turned out the killer is not completedly human and not exactly adult. 

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Hosted by Hotel alum James Brolin and then Star Trek: The Next Generation's Jonathan Frakes (who was the better host, no offence James), the anthology series was very popular and ran from 1997 to 2000 and then for 2 seasons in 2021 to 2023. In every episode the host presents five stories and challenges the viewers to deduct which of the stories are true and which is false. You will suprised at the ones you guessed right or wrong!

The Twilight Zone 

Created by Rod Serling, this anthology began in 1959 and shot in black and white, which greatly added to the show's dark tone. Every tale is disturbing, suspenseful,  creepy but moralistic with Serling appearing at its start  and ending; stating how the main character is experiencing an experience he called 'entering the Twilight Zone'. It ran from 1959 to  1964, revived in 1985 (shot in colour) to 1989  and then returned in 2002, hosted by Forrest Whitaker.  I  recommend the following episodes...

Talking Doll; the episode which influnced Don Mancini to create his infamous Child's Play character and franchise. A bitter man (Telly Savalas) struggles to get rid of his stepdaughter's talking doll after it threatens him. 

It's a Good life and It's Still a Good Life

A diabolical 6 year old boy with a strange supernatural power holds his town and its inhabitants (including his own family) hostage by cutting them off from the rest of the world and making them live life according to HIS rules. If anyone displeased him or thought bad thoughts, there are terrible consequences.

 In 2003, Bill Mumy, who played the 6 year old boy,  reprised his role as Anthony but now more  evil as an adult and still keeping the town hostage with his power. However, his daughter (the actor's real life child, Liliana) also has the strange power. 

The Grave

After a notorious outlaw is gunned down by a town's citizens, he accuses the bounty hunter of failing to catch him due to cowardice on his death bed. Furious at being called a coward, the bounty hunter agrees to take a bet... by going to the outlaw's grave. 

Teacher's Aide

Played by horror veteran Adrienne Barbeau, a teacher displays erratic behaviour and attacks disrespectful students. One of the students decides to teach her a lesson, but gets a shock  when he realises she is possessed by a demon gargoyle. 

Tales From The Crypt 

Adapted from the 1950s comic book series of the same name, this anthology series ran from 1989 to 1996. Each dark  tale of a crime and then retribution  is introduced by the show's creepy host... the Crypt Keeper. 

Happy viewing! 


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