"The Exchange" by John Grisham


John Grisham's  latest legal thriller "The Exchange: After The Firm"  is the sequel of his bestselling 1991 novel, The Firm, which was adapted into a 1993 film of the same name starring Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

This novel rose Grisham's popularity as an author, and gained more sales for his debut work, A Time To Kill, which was later  adapted for the screen in 1996.  

 The Firm tells the story of Mitch McDeere, who joins a law firm after getting an offer he can't refuse but then turns against them  after he finds out the law firm and its lawyers are not what they seem. 

Set  15 years after the events in  "The Firm" , Mitch and his wife Abby are living in New York, where Mitch is a partner in the biggest law firm in the world. However, his happy life  is threatened after a mentor convinces him to return to Memphis, the place he fled 15 years ago after bringing down the corrupt  firm he once worked in. Mitch finds himself at the center of a sinister plot that has worldwide implications—and once again endangers his colleagues, friends, and family.

 Mitch has become a master at staying one step ahead of his adversaries, but this time... there’s nowhere to hide.

The Exchange" was released on the 17th of October, 2023.


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