Halloween 2020 Film Picks


It's that time again... Halloween. But as we all know, celebrations via block parties and trick or treating will be low-key and cancelled, no thanks to the current pandemic. But there are still the choice of spending it binge watching  memorable horror films, for those who are fans of the macabre that is. 

Personally, going old school is best because most horror oldies don't rely on CGI and everything is not all blood and slash, slash, slash... but the actual story. But if you are a millenial preferring the modern take, there are picks in the following list as well. 

 For TCM fans...


Alligator (1980) 

Robert Foster plays a  police detective who must solve the reason behind several murders, the reason being...the victims were being killed and eaten by a gigantic mutated alligator living the sewers. 

Hush... Hush... Sweet Charlotte (1964)

Bette Davis  plays a woman, whose lover was found decapitated years back,  becoming mentally unstable after seeing visions of  his dead head. Also starring Dame Olivia de Havilland as her cousin, Velma.

The Stepford Wives (1975) 

Katherine Ross plays Joanna, who after moving to the serene suburb of Stepford in Connecticut, slowly realises something about the women, except for her new friend Bobbie, was very odd and creepy. Unlike the 2004 remake, this is definitely not comedy. 

Dead of Night (1945)

A British horror anthology, guests staying at a country house take turns telling supernatural stories. Brace yourselves for the concluding story. 

The Bat (1959)

 The fourth film adaptation of Mary Roberts Rinehart's novel, The Circular Staircase, people living in a mansion are being terrorised by a serial killer known as 'The Bat'. Starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead, it is available on public domain. 

For the Millenials... 

Us (2019) 

Lupita Nyongo's plays a woman whose family are terrorised by their  doppelgangers during a beach vacation. 

Bird Box (2018) 

Adapted from Josh Malerman's post-apocalyptic horror novel of the same name, Sandra Bullock plays a single mother who must transport herself and her children to safety from evil entities... but they  must remain  blindfolded until the journey's end. 

1922 (2017) 

Adapted from Stephen King's novella of the same name, Thomas Jane is a  farmer who murders his wife, tossing her body in an old well on his property. Then his punishment begins, in more ways than he ever envisioned.
 Thomas Jane played the lead in another Stephen King adaptation, The Mist

Unfriended (2014) 

Days of Our Lives alumn, Heather Sossaman leads the cast of this unique horror, unique mostly because the whole action is viewed from a computer. Five friends communicating via an online chatroom finds themselves terrorised by an entity using their dead friend's chat account. If they dare sign off, they are dead. 

Lights Out  (2016)

Rebecca, played by Teresa Palmer,  must solve the reason behind her little brother's strange visions she experienced as a child, at the same time protecting them from a supernatural entity that lurks in the shadows. This horror story started out as a short film of the same name, written and directed by the same director, David F. Sandberg. 

There you go, view and enjoy. 

Happy Halloween! 


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