PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Princess Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies

Born Omoba Aina in Oke-Odan, Ogun State to a royal family of the Egbado clan in 1843; she was captured at age five during a raid by Dahomey (Republic of Benin)  soldiers, and taken to the court of King Ghezo to serve as a slave. 

She was renamed Sarah Forbes Bonetta by  British Emissary Captain Fredrick E. Forbes, who took her away to England after convincing the King to present her as a gift to Queen Victoria; his ship being the HMS Bonetta. The Queen, who made Sarah her godchild,  arranged for her adoption by a middle-class family, her education at the Church Missionary Society, along with a regular allowance. 

At 18, with the Queen's permission, Sarah married 31-year-old James Pinson Labulo Pinson Davies- a wealthy Yoruba businessman living in Britain and the son of liberated Yoruba slaves. The union produced three children, the firstborn- a girl-  named after Queen Victoria. Sarah died on the 15th of August, 1880, in Funchal, Portugal.  

Her first daughter, Victoria Matilda Davies married Dr John.K Randle, a politician and one of the first British educated doctors in Nigeria. Her second daughter, Stella Davies Coker, was a companion of nationalist, Herbert Macaulay- a relationship which produced a daughter, Sarah Abigail Idowu Macaulay. 

Sarah Abigail Idowu Macaulay, later on, married a Ghanian, Julius Gordon Kwasi Adadevoh. Their son, physician and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos- Dr Babatunde Kwaku Adadevoh; was the father of the late Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, who diagnosed and heroically contained the spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria in 2014. 


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