Octramarket Mobile Shop: Benefits


1. It's YOUR Portable shop in your pocket. Can go with you anywhere. 

2. It's easy to operate, no structures required.

3. Showcases your products to the world.

4. Expansion of your customer base. We get you at least 500 shoppers who will be your FOREVER, with at least a 100 making purchases a day. 

5. Minimum daily income of N15 thousand to N450 thousand a month.

6. Use it to sell  ALL products.

7. No logistics stress. We shall get the products to the shoppers ourselves.

8. No special set up costs.

9. Effortless side income to offset rents, salaries and other operating coasts.

10. No operating costs. It does not require, diesel, electricity, data, battery, etc.

We shall guide and give you 24/7 sales generation.

WhatsApp  08037742012 to obtain yours today! 


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