How many lies will be brought forth in "The Arbitration"?

REEL SUM UP: Directed  by Niyi Akomolayan, "The Arbitration" features O.C Ukeje as Gbenga;  a corporate executive who gets involved in a steamy affair with a beautiful employee (Adesua Etomi). But after the affair is called off, Gbenga gets the shock of his life when his ex-lover accuses him of rape. An arbitration panel is then set up to investigate the matter.

Cast also includes Ireti Doyle, Beverly Naya and veteran actor, Sola Fosudo and expected to hit Nigerian cinemas on the 12th.

So...  three sides to a story? When a person is accused of such a thing,  the truth usually lies between the  accuser and the accused, at least until a  witness shows up. Office romances aren't uncommon but usually ill-advised and apparently the movie's main protagonist will realise that. What led his lover to make such a terrible accusation in the first place? Before we assume it's out of spite or revenge, let's not forget most movies have tools to make the viewers see and believe things that turn out not to be true after all.

Hence if it really happened like Gbenga said, an affair, all we'll be waiting for is when Dara finally confesses. If not, then maybe it would really be three sides to the story in question.


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