"The Little Prince" in 3D

The computer animated version of Antoine  de Saint-Exupery's classic tale, The Little Prince was released in the U.S yesterday, August 5, 2016;  earning  positive reviews and a hefty $97.6 million, thus making it the most successful French computer animated movie of all time.

One of the previous adaptations was the 1978 Japanese anime-The Adventures of The Little Prince, consisting of 39 episodes where the titular character travelled to different parts of Earth on a comet, meeting and making friends, hence not following the plot of the original novella. One episode however, showed him meeting with a French pilot stranded in the desert, the pilot being the French narrator of the series- based on the actual meeting of the narrator and the little prince  in the novella.

REEL SUM UP:  Weary of her overbearing mother's strict regime, a little girl finds comfort in her elderly neighbour, a retired aviator who tells her about "the little prince"; a mysterious young boy from B612 he met in the desert many years ago.

The movie was directed by Mark Osborne (Kungfu Panda, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie), produced by Dimitri Rassam; with the voice talents of Mackenzie Foy, Jeff Bridges, Rachel MacAdams, James Franco, Riley Osborne and Paul Rudd.


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