"CRIMINAL MINDS" Season 12: Thomas Gibson Bounced!

The good news first...

 -Recurring character Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) will be a season regular in the 12th season of Criminal Minds, returning on the 28th of September.

-  Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) will return again, only this time will appear in more than one episode (yay!!!) 

- The BAU will have a new agent to take Derek Morgan's (Shemar Moore) vacated place in the team;   played by C.S.I: Miami alumni, Adam Rodriguez. He'll definitely add flavour to the team for sure and I certainly hope he gets along with  Morgan's 'baby girl' Penelope Garcia- who as we all remember- hates change. After being  the somewhat reserved  and sometimes moody Eric Delko in CSI : Miami, I can't wait to see how Luke Alvez's  personality going to be like.

Now the bad news...

- Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will still be smarting over Derek's absence.
Seriously? For heaven's sake, Derek is not dead (thank God for that), why must that still be dragged on? Yes... like I mentioned in my previous 'Criminal Minds' post, we all remember sensitive Spencer has abandonment issues- thanks to what his father did to him and his unfortunate mother when he was a child but I really hope the writers will not turn Spencer the wrong way, just because he misses his adopted big brother's presence. Again I'm not been insensitive towards Spencer , I love Spencer. But some seasons ago, he was seen being rather childish and petulant, which was not pleasant and I never want to see Spencer that way ever again. 
Personally, I feel what the writers should really do is give Dr. Reid a new girlfriend once and for all! 

And the really, really bad news....

Team leader, Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), will not be in Season 12. And that's because Gibson has been been fired from the series! Describing this development as a huge blow would be an understatement; this is devastating, heartbreaking and shocking! Fans have seen characters come and go from Season 2 to 11... but how on earth is 'Criminal Minds' going to be like without Hotch?!
Sad to report, Gibson got into an altercation with a writer that apparently got violent; which first led to a suspension and then being bounced from the show entirely. While watching actors and actresses in particular T.V shows for a particular period of time, one does not stop to think what they are like off-screen. Long before 'Criminal Minds' I was a huge fan of 'Dharma & Greg', the sitcom Gibson starred in with Jenna Elfman. FYI... the unsub, Peter Lewis,  in Season 10's "Mr. Scratch", who also appeared briefly in Season 11's "The Storm" is Jenna Elfman's real-life husband, Bodhi Elfman.
But I digress, seeing Gibson play Dharma's 'straight man' husband who at times got to scrapes and some funny situations; I never imagined him to be capable of a fierce temper, the same temper that got him suspended and then later fired.
I have to say, I'm really upset; not only for Gibson getting the sack but the circumstances behind it- 11 years down the drain! However way the writers are going to explain his absence, 'Criminal Minds' is never going to be the same again. 

Now fans will have to sit back and wait to see who's going to be the BAU's new Unit leader. 


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