Next Narnia adaptation- "The Silver Chair"

Three books from the classic The Chronicles of Narnia'  fantasy series by C.S Lewis;  was brought to the screen in  2005 (The Lion, The Witch & The Witch and the Wardrobe),  2008 (Prince Caspian) and then in  2010 (The Voyage of The Dawn Treader).


Recently, it was announced that the next chronicle set to be adapted will be  "The Silver Chair",  the fourth published novel of the Narnia series but in chronological order, the  sixth  in the Narnia story line. According to reports, TriStar Pictures will  team up  with The Mark Gordon Company, The CS Lewis Company, and Entertainment One to produce this new adaptation.

Story Plot:  

Eustance finds himself  back in the magical land of Narnia with  a school mate Jill. It's been decades since the events of the previous story. 

King Caspian X is now an old man and his son and heir to the throne, Rilian has been missing for years. So Aslan The Great Lion, sends the children on a mission... find Rilian. 


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