Leave Funke Akindele Alone

This post is a response to what was said about actress & producer, Funke Akindele- Bello recently. Akindele was asked on social media about her current T.V sitcom, Jenifa’s Diary.

please when is it ending, the film don tire pezin Jae. Give use something new

Then stop watching, was the actress’ reply.

Next thing we hear, Funke Akindele is being blasted here and there about her ‘rudeness’ and how disappointed fans are with her. Look at these...
 Anty Funke that is a harsh reply
sometimes a kind reply turns away wrath
but un-cultured, for a brand that we all have. Consumers are always right

People, seriously... are you kidding?
 Jenifa’s Diary was adapted from her 2008 movie, Jenifa- which is a huge achievement. How many of our movies in this country have been adapted for T.V and syndicated across the country? Think of the cost of producing every episode we enjoy from the comfort of our homes every week; all born from Akindele, her colleagues and team’s running around and diligent work. Aside from Tinsel and a few others, Jenifa’s Diary is a gem in Nigerian television and no doubt Akindele’s pride and joy. How many of our own Nigerian shows are even worth watching, instead of the telenovelas and American, British sitcoms and drama series people switch over to? And how many of them have had such a huge following and lasted for long?
 So for a fan to now say she’s tired of Jenifa’s Diary, she was speaking for herself, not for the millions of fans across the country. And she probably said so in the first place because she is bored with the sitcom for some reason.  Akindele was not being rude; she simply gave a blunt reply to a blunt question/statement. The customer is always right but not in this case; Akindele was simply blunt, honest and brisk in her reply yet everyone’s blasting her so unfairly and not seeing her own point of view.
 So verdict, if you don’t like nor appreciate Jenifa’s Diary, then stop watching and go watch something else. Leave Funke Akindele alone.


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