February 2019, we're FINALLY going to have it; the long-awaited  WHAT MEN WANT, a female point of view version of  2000's WHAT WOMEN WANT that starred Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.

However- contrary to past  rumours it was to star Cameron Diaz- it's actually going to be Empire's Taraji. P. Henson in the lead as Ali Davis, a sports agent chaffing under her male colleagues and being passed for a promotion, achieves the ability to...gross! read men's inner thoughts. And of course- like Mel Gibson before her- she will use it to her advantage!

Also starring are Aldis Hodge, Wendi McLendon, Tamala Jones, Shaquille O' Neal,  Tracy Morgan and Shaft's very own Richard Roundtree. This upcoming romantic-comedy is directed by Adam Shankman.


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