Veteran Actor Burt Reynolds Passes On

Burt Reynolds- best known for his performances in  Deliverance, The Longest YardSmokey and The Bandit and Boogie Nights- passed on yesterday, September 6, 2018. The veteran actor, director, and producer was 82.  

From 1990 to 1994, Reynolds was in the television sitcom, Evening Shade and appeared in many films during his acting career, plus releasing an album in 1973; Ask Me What I Am. Like Clint Eastwood- he reportedly turned down the role of James Bond, both actors insisted that only  British actors could play the role better. 

In 1989, he voiced the dog Charlie in All Dogs Go To Heaven and in  2005, he appeared as a different but memorable character in the remake of his 1974 movie, The Longest Yard. His television appearances include The Golden Girls, Cybil, The X Files, The Twilight Zone, My Name is Earl and Archer




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