REVIEW: 'Bodies'

Cast: Joan Patterson, Lilian Patterson, Sotonye Bomari and Nelson Bright

Written By: Bristol Abinye and Nelson Bright

Directed By: Nelson Bright

Producers: Oraye St. Franklin, Diran Ogunbola,  Masi Bright, Edward Bright and Adeleke Fayose

Date of Release: February 24, 2019

Plot: A chance invitation to a party spirals out of control on the way to a shocking climax.

 Bodies  is a psychological thriller that explores the often ignored, uncomfortable black market of the organ trade, and how small cells of this international criminal organisation lure unsuspecting teens with social media spectacles to an early grave. This short film's focused message elevates it beyond a generic slasher flick as it pulls no punches with its  brutally honest delivery.
Bodies' Assistant Director Sotonye Bomari 

With deft direction by Nelson Bright, a bold script by Abinye Bristol  and  beautifully shot by Classic Elijah Tom,  Bodies is a visual and cinematic treat that serves as an intriguing and provocative entry of new stars to the Nollywood industry, paving the way  for short film sequels already in production, Bodies II & III.

Bodies director, Nelson Bright 

Joan and Lillian Patterson 
The director also plans to make a feature film in partnership with NAPTIP to further create awareness about the use of social media as a source for this illegal organ trade market crimes commonly disguised as ritual killing to avoid any serious police investigation. We can only pray that one day, this terrible issue will become a thing of the past and people will feel safer.

Watch the movie here 


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