NEW READ: 'Finding Garen' Explores Self Discovery

Finding Garen tells the story of Oghenegaren whose life became tough from the moment she lost her parents. Her life is put in a rollercoaster of drama after her husband leaves her pregnant and broken. She decides it’s time to find herself and the past she lost. She embarks on a life-changing experience in Lagos for a new phase of life only to be wrapped in lies and drama. Secrets which might put a setback in Garen’s life are revealed. She struggles with the will to face all the obstacles and accept the love of the new people she chose to call family.

The story is well-needled and threaded, and the plot carefully laid out. I have no reservation in recommending it to her contemporaries and adults alike, as a testimony of the capacity to imagine and present a narrative that informs, educates, and entertains at the same time 

                                         Professor Duro Oni, PhD
                                            Fellow, Nigerian Academy of Letters

Written in a clear, humane, engaging and picturesque manner, FINDING GAREN reminds us of the recurrent cycle of human morality and immorality, of sweetness and bitterness and the eventual triumph of the human spirit

                                 -Ike S. Ndolo, PhD
                                  Professor of Mass Communication (Enugu State University of Science & Technology)

Crafted with poise and empathy for Garen, a character who comes alive so real like a next-door neighbour. Great promise for a newcomer

                                                    - Lekan Balogun, PhD
                                                      Dramatist and Theatre Director

This book gives insightful answers to the questions of what it is like to have a dream and a need to fight for it, a desire to live it no matter the cost, patience or price demanded. As a fresh Literary product for a developing society, Chidera Onyebuchi’s book is compelling. Her style is non-judgemental

                                                     - Prescott Egbo
                                                      Writer and founder of Blot Drop

Finding Garen was purely a product of my imagination and while writing it I only had the intention of bringing my imagination to life’, the author explains. ‘ I’ve realised that my book is more than just an imagination but a source of hope for people who have lost hope especially the single mothers. It focuses on the importance of love and support. It does not only highlight certain societal problems but provides a solution to them. I hope that when people follow Garen on her journey to self-discovery, that they are filled with new hope and happiness as Garen was and that they learn how certain problems in the home and society can be handled.’

  About the author
 Onyebuchi Chidera is a 19-year-old writer and real estate agent, currently studying Creative Arts at the University of Lagos. She is an author at Creative Freelance Writers. One of her short stories was shortlisted for the Teecocks initiatives Creative writing competition in 2014. “Meant to Fly”, a short story of hers, was shortlisted for the Freedom Magazine Literary Award in 2018. She was second runner up of the Lekeku Writer’s League Competition, 2018 season. When she is not working on her laptop and playing with ideas, she reads books and watches movies.

  FINDING GAREN is her debut novel. 


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