T.V: Upcoming 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Revival

Why, Why and WHY are classic American T.V shows being revived or remade? Seriously, some shows SHOULD be left alone! Dallas (which hit the dust after Season 2), Dynasty (which had the ridiculous plot twist of Cristal NOT being Cristal), MacGayver ( does not capture the spirit of the original, but Meredith Eaton is outstanding), Magnum P.I (forget it, Tom Selleck will always be Thomas Magnum)  and Hawaii 5-0 (which is surprisingly doing well after getting past Season 1).

Now it has been announced that the 90s  American teen T.V  show,  Beverly Hills, 90210 which lasted 10 seasons (1990-2000) is set to return, with the original cast. Well... not exactly all, as one cast member passed away this year- Luke Perry. AND another thing, the show focused on rich teenagers living in Beverly Hills, if the original cast is to return, then the show will probably be about their children since they are obviously NOT in their teens anymore. The show brought about television movies and spinoff- Melrose Place (which was unsuccessfully revived in 2009 ), Gross Pointe which only lasted one season and 90210 which ran for five seasons, getting cancelled in 2013.

The reboot, named BH90210, is set to premiere on the 7th of August 2019. Original cast members returning include Tori Spelling (daughter of the series' producer Aaron Spelling), Jason Priestly, Shannen Doherty and Brian Austin Green.

                                                    Video Credit: T.V Promos 


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