DYNASTY Y2K : Daniella Alonso is the new 'Cristal'

Season 3 of CW's Dynasty will introduce a new cast member, Daniella Alonso;  who will be replacing Ana Brenda Contreras as Blake's new wife,  Cristal Jennings. Reports state that Contreras cannot return for Season 3, due to personal reasons.

'We'd like to thank her for her contributions to the show and wish her all the best. We're excited to welcome Daniella Alonso, who will step into the role of Cristal.' says executive producer, Josh Reims.

The Y2K reboot of the 80's series that in 2017 stars Grant Snow as Blake Carrington, Nicolette Sheridan as his vengeful, vindictive ex-wife Alexis, Elizabeth Gillies as Blake's daughter Fallon and James MacKay as Blake's son, Steven.

Cristal (Krystle in the original and played by Linda Evans) was previously played by Nathalie Kelley. However, at the end of Season 1, the character was killed off after getting shot and perishing in a fire.

But Season 2 revealed that Cristal Flores Carrington was actually Celia Machado who changed her identity, in search of a new life. A grieving Blake is bombarded by female con artists who claim to be the real Cristal, until the actual one finally turns up- Cristal Jennings (Ana Brenda Contreras), with solid proof and Blake gradually fell in love with her, much to Alexis' chagrin.

The 'Cristal not really Cristal' and 'Steven is not really Blake's son' are two major bombshells in the series so far. While critics may have considered the original series 'campy' (stupid, considering the series and some cast members won several Emmys at the time),  it is yet to be seen if this reboot and its cast will live up to the original's great status. In keeping with most reboots, several things have been changed. Jeff Colby (played by Sam Adegoke) is revealed to be Blake's nephew, hence he and Fallon are a definite no-no, Y2K Sammy Jo is a dude, played by Rafael de la Fuente and ya- still paired with Steven and Anders, Blake's annoying majordomo is revealed to be Steven's bio daddy. How the hell did THAT happen? Ew!

 By the way, should the viewers expect Dex and Amanda anytime soon?

Daniella Alonso's acting credits include: Being Mary Jane, Law & Order, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Criminal MindsAnimal Kingdom, The Resident and  MacGyver reboot.

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