Shelley Duvall Makes Comeback In 'The Forest Hills'

After a two decade break from acting, veteran American  actress Shelley Duvall is making a comeback via a new indie horror film. 

In 'The Forest Hills', Duvall plays the mother and inner voice of the main character, played by Chicko Mendez, a disturbed man who is tormented by nightmarish visions, after enduring head trauma while camping in the Catskill Mountains. The indie film is directed by Scott Goldberg, its release date yet to be announced. 

Shelley Duvall most notable role was  Wendy Torrance in the 1980 film adaptation of Stephen King's 3rd novel, The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson as her husband Jack Torrance; directed by the late director Stanley Kubrick, who was notorious for his harsh treatment towards Duvall during filming. She played Olive Oyl in late Robin Williams' debut film, 'Popeye', 'Annie Hall', 'Roxanne', 'My Teacher Ate My Homework', her final film being the  2002 drama,  'Manna From Heaven'.


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