'Bob Hearts Abishola' Recap: Season 2 Episode 6

Episode Title: A Tight Ass is a Wonderful Thing 


Bob gets irritated by Abishola's friend  Kemi's constant blah, blah, blah in his car and Douglas makes a huge ordering error in the factory. 

Season 2 started well with Bob (Billy Gardell) proposing to his Nigerian heartthrob, Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku). While they've fully established their love for each other before they reach the altar, their personality clashes sort of make up for a little more drama than laughs. Abishola needs to be a little less  analytical and simply go with the flow, instead of reading meaning to every little thing or making snap judgments.

 Last episode- 'Sleeping Next To An Old Boat'- saw her and Bob having a spat over his gifts to her son (and Bob's stepson to be) Dele, with her accusing him of being so privileged. Even her apology seemed off, as she claimed she wouldn't have said those mean words if he'd told her about that part of his life that changed her mind about him. How about don't be mean at all, Abishola! 

Anyway, this week's episode has  Kemi (co-creator and producer, Gina Yashere), Abishola's compatriot and co-worker being carpooled by Bob, (she'd already expressed her great love for his Cadillac) who  rolls his eyes and grits his teeth in annoyance thanks to her  endless chatter. His complaint to Abishola creates a chain reaction, with her telling Kemi who then tells her boyfriend Chukwuemeka (Tony Tambi) , who then expresses his disapproval to Bob for besmirching  the woman he loved. A pissed off  Bob scolds  Abishola for reporting him to her friend, with she refusing to see what she did wrong. This led to another spat, with the couple demanding to know each other's annoying trait. 

Abishola's comes really easy, she's uptight,  rather rigid and judgemental. Lovable sweet Bob has been nothing but a gentleman to her  from the moment they met, and we can't help but notice that Bob goes out of his way not to say or do anything to offend  her, as she has the tendency to  bite his head off over any remark from him that she doesn't understand. Kemi, in an over the top comical way, makes him realise he has to be more open when it comes to communication, instead of avoiding fights with Abishola or anyone else for that matter. 

She tells him,  ''You're too afraid of hurting people's feelings. Be more Nigerian!'' Hmmm... should we Nigerians be amused or pissed off at this generalization? 

Meanwhile, Bob's brother Douglas (Matt Jones)  discovers he made an error with a shipping order after he opens a box and finds baby socks and tries to hide his mistake from his mother Dottie (Christine Ebersole). Godwin (Bayo Akinfemi) schooled him on the importance of honesty, which Douglas takes to heart, only for Dottie to undo Goodwin's  good advice by instructing them to burn the baby socks and lie to the insurance company about a factory accident. 

Kemi's scene with Bob  is arguably the highlight of the episode, as we hardly see them interact alone. However, we shouldn't be made to believe that being polite all the time equals weakness and all Nigerians go out their way to speak their minds, even if they come off as rude. I want to believe a lot of us display prudency when we communicate with one another. 

And it was nice having the two clowns Godwin and Kofo (Anthony Okungbowa) back again, as they were absent in the previous episode, Kofo assuring his cousin he was a good manager when Godwin questions himself (yes, we've all been there) and Bob's sister Christina hilariously scoring their asses when she deliberately makes them bend over. 

The episode ended with Bob telling Abishola they needed to change their sleeping arrangements and Abishola (as usual) giving him the no. Oh well. 


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