'Bob Hearts Abishola' Recap: Season 2 Episode 7

 Episode Title: The Wrong Adebambo 


 Bob & Abishola are worried when Tayo- Abishola's estranged husband- pays a visit. 

With Bob's ex wife met and dealt with in Season 1 and Abishola accepting Bob's proposal at the beginning of Season 2, fans probably  anticipated Abishola's estranged husband making an appearance- as technically- they are still married, even though he has another wife back in Nigeria, (via a native wedding, for the non-African viewers).  

Tayo Adebambo- the husband in question- is played by the episode's guest star... Degrassi alum, Naija- Canadian actor  Dayo Ade, with past roles in Alias, Scrubs, Cracked, The Shield and a supporting role in the 2006 movie, Phat Girlz.  From Abishola's story she shared with Bob in Season 1, Tayo refused to continue life as a toll gate attendant in America, choosing to return to Naija where he can make something of himself. Not only did he do that, he also took another wife, to Abishola's bitterness, hence her initial hesitance to date our Bob. 

Abishola receives the news of Tayo's  return from- of course- Kemi (Gina Yashere), who comically took her time to get to the point, as always; after hearing Tayo was seen buying things for his trip at Balogun Market. That's the Naija grapevine for you, folks. 

Dayo Ade, born in Nigeria but spent most of his childhood and adulthood in Ontario, excellently portrayed Abishola's Nigerian husband, with hardly  a trace of his actual accent; showcasing Yoruba culture in the scene where he gave Uncle Tunde and Aunty Olu the traditional greeting. Tayo is apparently contrite about leaving Abishola and Dele behind  eight years before , yet still justifies his action (for leaving but not starting a new family back in Naija), laying the blame on her when he and Bob meet. 

 Bob is not pleased with Tayo's sudden visit, though he agrees he deserved to see Dele after so long,  and more than anxious for Abishola to broach the subject of divorce. And Abishola, being Abishola, curtly insists on handing Tayo herself, without interference from Bob. She's still angry with Tayo but wants to be diplomatic... big of her, considering what's at stake here. 

Bob however doesn't take it lying down, (thanks to Kemi's advice in the previous episode about being more assertive), wasting no time telling his rival his present status with Abishola. And from the looks of  things, he has Abishola pegged far more than Tayo, who is annoyingly confidant he can make Abishola do what he wants. And it leaves us wondering his real reason for wanting Abishola back, since he does have a second wife back home. 

This episode discussed the low rate of divorce in Nigeria- most times, couples simply separate rather than actually ending the marriage. It also  takes a realistic look at the plight of many immigrants' families who end up breaking apart when a spouse choses to return to the native country due to lack of career opportunities abroad.

Here, Abishola managed to make something of herself, with the added bonus of a new love; but Tayo's selfish wish threatens to take her backwards. In Nigeria, she will have to start all over again or live off Tayo, while Dele will be bewildered by new surroundings. Plus, does Tayo actually expect Abishola  and Dele to live in the same house with his second wife and their own kids? 

Next week's follow up episode is definitely going to be a heartrending one. 


Abishola's back story is based on the real life story of Gina Yashere- the show's co-creator and Executive Producer.  Due to lack of career opportunities in the U.K, her father returned to Nigeria, leaving his wife and three children behind in London, became a successful lawyer and  started another family.

 Yashere didn't meet him until 2010, during a visit to Nigeria. 


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