'Bob Hearts Abishola' Recap: Season 2 Episode 8

 Episode Title: Honest Yak Prices 


 The couple fight back, following Tayo's refusal. 

This is pretty much a follow up of the previous episode , with Bob and Abishola in conflict with Abishola’s estranged husband, Tayo (Degrassi alum, Dayo Ade), whom she’d been separated from for 8 years. S2E7’s episode left the viewers hanging with Tayo’s cold affirmation he would never grant her a divorce.


While we can understand Tayo’s  reason for going back to Nigeria, viewers would also be unable to root for him.  Tayo’s reason for wanting Abishola back (if he actually wanted her back) wasn’t exactly seen, except that now that he was a very successful businessman back in Naija, with- quoting him- a large house with a big staff, a driver and enough income to send Dele to a private school, he considered himself worthier as a husband to Abishola and a catch to any other woman. Or... he was simply trying to save face now that another man- a Causcasian for that matter- was in love with Abishola. 

 Tayo simply came off as egoistical and boastful, not a remorseful husband eager make amends with his wife. Plus, he even got the family’s pastor to side with him (much to Bob and Abishola’s fury), conveniently forgetting he has a SECOND wife and other children back home. Sure, the other marriage won’t be recognised by the church (as it was a native wedding) , but he and the pastor had no right making Abishola feel she was the one doing something wrong, by choosing to be with the new man in her life. Abishola, being Abishola, refused to give in. 

Neither does Bob. More assertive than ever and clearly a man in love, he squares off with Tayo over the problem up to the point of offering him money (sweet gesture  but definitely not a good idea); Tayo’s attempt to make it a race issue instantly squashed by our Bob: 'Hold on, this is not a race thing. If you were white, I'd still want to buy you off!'  

 Bob’s family’s attempt to help them out- via a confab with Godwin and Kofo- was hilarious but sweet. Though Bob and Abishola are yet to walk down the wedding aisle, Abishola was already considered family to them and the best thing that ever happened to them, not just Bob. As as Bob pointed out, when there doesn't seem to be a way out of their problem, they'd already won because they were very much together after their rocky start.

The episode ended on a happy note, thanks to a much needed confrontation where Tayo was pegged just right over his attitude with Abishola- though it would  have been preferable if  they had had an actual discussion and saying their goodbyes amicably, instead of him sending her his final answer via a text message.

Best scene  in the episode: Bob and Abishola dancing to Simi's 'Love Don't Care', which is more than  a suitable  wedding song for them... hopefully it would be used on that happy occasion. 

And FYI series' writers... not ALL our food is spicy! 


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