'After We Fell' : Trailer

Before giving the film's sum up, After We Fell is the third installment of Anna Robb's After  new adult  novel series, which started as fanfiction inspired by One Direction on Wattpad. The series follows the very turbulent relationship of   Tess Young, who begins college and Hardin Scott- the troubled, temperamental British student she falls in love with. To describe their relationship as toxic is a complete understatement. Hardin the self destructive , possessive and verbally abusive rebel and Tess the forgiving, naive  enabler; they are  worse than Anastasia and Christian!  If you doubt this, read the whole series, which includes a prequel- Before

A film adaptation was inevitable, hence the first one, After, was released in 2019- with Josephine Langford as Tess and Hero Fiennes Tiffin (nephew of Ralph) as Hardin. They reprised their roles in the sequel, After We Collided , in 2020; with the addition of  Dylan  Sprouse as Tess' co-worker, Trevor. 

In After We Fell , Tess makes a huge decision about her future and Hardin, bent on getting his own way (as always) attempts to sabotage her efforts. In the middle of their fights, they receive huge reveals about their individual families. 

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