"Amina" Debuts On Netflix in November

 The story of the legendary 16th century warrior queen, Amina Saruniya of Zazzau (renamed Zaria by the British much later on), comes to life in the upcoming film, "Amina"; starring Lucy Ameh, Ali Nuhu and Clarion Chukwura. Directed by Izu Ojukwu, "Amina" will make its debut in Netflix on the 4th of November, 2021.

Reel Sum Up... 

Amina utlizes her military skills and tactics to defend her father's kingdom. 


1976 oil on canvas of Amina by Erhabor Emokpae

According to historical narrative, Amina-born in 1533- was the first  daughter of King Nikatu, the 22nd ruler of Zazzau and his wife, Queen Bakwa Turunku. She had a brother Karimi and a sister, Zaria, who later left home and was never seen nor heard from again. A favourite of her grandfather, he instructed Amina  in political matters and  military tactics. Karimi assumed the throne after the death of their father and Amina became Queen after Karimi's death in 1576. 3 months after her coronation, she waged a 34 year campaign against her neighbours to expand Zazzau's territory. She died in 1610, some scholars say, in battle.

Bini artist, Erhabor Emokpae inmortalised the legendary queen on canvas in 1976, and a statue of her on horseback stands in front of the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. Trailer


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