The Progressive Tailors Club Debuts On October 29th

Reel Sum Up...

The members of a tailor's association gather to elect the club's new leader. However, after a longstanding and trusted executive member is eliminated for corruption, the selection is narrowed down to old and new members... as well as the eccentric ones among them.

The upcoming political satire, directed by Biodun Stephen, stars Beverly Osu, Uzor Arukwe, comedian Funnybone  (Stanley Chibunna), Rachel Oniga and Femi Adebayo. It is set to hit cinemas in the 29th of October, 2021.

Co-producer Niyi Akinmolayan has announced the film is dedicated to his late mother and veteran actress, Rachel Oniga who passed away on the 30th of July, 2021. Mrs Edem, a character in the film, is Madam Oniga's posthumous role. 

Late Rachel Oniga (left) in 'The Progressive Tailors Club' 

"Aunty Rachel Omiga was the first actor to call back after we sent out the scripts. We spoke for almost hour. She said, 'Niyi, where do you get all these crazy ideas from?' I td here they were all my Mum's. She said, 'ah...we must dedicate the mvoie to her memory o.' Then we laughed real hard about Mrs Edem, the character Rachel plays in the film."

          The Progressive Tailors Club trailer 


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