Tiwa Savage: Support, NOT Shame


Currently trending, and not in a good way at all, is the story of the viral Tiwa Savage sex tape; leaked by a still anonymous individual after his (or hers) attempt to blackmail the popular singer failed. Since then, Tiwa Savage  has been either supported or vilified for the sex tape, including calls for her to apologise to her fans.

First off, apologise for what??? Since when has it been the victim's (of a malicious act) duty to apologise for something that wasn't her fault to begin with? Second, the person who made the tape should be held accountable for uploading it on Snapchat (it was deleted, but downloaded before it was). The person not only rendered her vulnerable to the blackmailer and trolls, he blatantly invaded her privacy and basically left her to dry, as she is the one being left to handle the mess HE created. To the uploader, you should be ASHAMED of yourself. 

Thirdly, the blackmailer is a first grade a**hole to have done such a thing to Savage; he or she should be fished out and arrested, instead of his victim being slut shamed like this. And I hope SOON.

Fourthly, it was very brave of Tiwa Savage  to call the blackmailer's bluff and go public with her situation; how do we know the blackmailer wouldn't have leaked it even after she paid up or worse, demand for more. It was a very bold step on her part and she should be supported, NOT shamed.

Hence, trolls and self righteous people out there, weigh your opinions about this very carefully and realise that Tiwa Savage is the victim in this matter and give her some support from now on! 





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