Happy Birthday 'Oga Bello' and Funsho Adeolu

 Happy 71st and  55th birthday to Nigerian veteran actors Adebayo 'Oga Bello' Salami and Funsho Adeolu; both born on the 9th of May. 

Adebayo Salami's long career began in 1964 when he became a member of Ojo Ladipo's theatre group, becoming ita leadee after Ladipo's group in 1978. His debut film was 'Ajani Ogun', which also starred late Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love) in 1976. 

Funsho Adeolu is also a director and producer, his films include 'Heroes and Zeroes', 'The Giot', 'Covenant' and 'J.B.O'. 


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