"Rome" alum Ray Stevenson Dies at 58

 Sad news...

"Rome" alum Ray Stevenson has passed away. At the time of his death, the Irish actor was filming a movie- Cassino in Ischia- in Italy, where he was then hospitalised. He was 58.

Stevenson had many roles in T.V, film and stage, several of which set in historical or period eras. His most notable T.V role was the temperamental but fiercely loyal Roman soldier, Titus Pullo in the HBO

 historical drama series, Rome. His other roles included the stoic knight Dagonet in "Arthur", the embittered vigilante Frank Castle in "The Punisher: War Zone", gangster Danny Greene in "Kill the Irishman", Volstagg in "Thor" and Marcus Eaton in the "Divergent" trilogy. 

His "Rome" co star and close friend  Kevin Mckidd (who played Lucius Vorenus),  expressed his sadness on social media:

"To my forever friend, compadre, brother in arms… Ray, I will never forget you. The world is a less vibrant place without you in it. Brothers Forever. XIII."


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