'Jean Claude Van Johnson' Debuts 15th December 2017

photo credit: Amazon.com

Belgian actor and martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme is no stranger at playing himself. In 2008, he played a semi fictionalized version of himself in the movie; JCVD- the story about an out of work actor who reflects on his life during a hostage situation.  Plus, he played himself in a surprising quest appearance in Season 2 of Friends- The One After the Super bowl Part 2
 In the upcoming T.V series created by Dave Callaham and produced by Amazon Studios- and I kid you not, a drama comedy series-  he plays Jean Claude Van Johnson, a retired movie actor and martial artist who is actually a  private undercover agent. His working relationship with his handler-played by Kat Foster- will be tense as Vanessa is also his ex girlfriend, and he will have personal issues about getting older. It would also feature parodies of training sequences and makes references to his years filming in locations like Bulgaria and China.
Also in the series is Hannah Montana actor Moises Arias and The Cosby Show alumni, Phylicia Rashad. Van Damme will actually play three different roles in the series, another thing he no stranger to- he played twins in Double Impact, Maximum Risk, an older and younger version of his character in Timecop and who can forget his dual role of a serial killer and his disoriented clone in Replicant.
Over the years, movie actor and actresses have drifted over to television. But who would honestly say Van Damme would join the stable- he’s all muscles and kicks and splits. But that’s what it means to be an actor; you get to do something new eventually instead of doing the same thing over and over. Jean Claude has been a favourite leading man in several movies over the years and while this upcoming series is a bit of a surprise, as it's not his usual genre,  there’s no doubt Van Damme will do what he does best, put on his best performance.
The series pilot episode aired on the 19th of August last year and the series will make its debut on Amazon, 15th of December, 2017


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