VIDEO: Top 10 Romantic Movie Wedding Moments

 Midway or at the end of a romantic comedy or drama, there's usually a romantic wedding that just makes you go awww...!!! And you'll be surprised at how real life couples recreate the most memorable movie or T.V weddings.

Don't believe me? This memorable wedding between 1984's Robin Hood (Michael Praed) and Lady Marian (Judi Trott) officiated by Robin's guardian Herne The Hunter which didn't make the cut in the video below -more the pity!- but since 2012, couples- inspired by this lovely wedding-  have been able to legally get married right in the  Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, in Nottinghamshire County.

Which of the following Top 10 romantic movie weddings moments  would you like to recreate? 

Video Source: MsMojo; Youtube


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